Welcome to the HistBEKE Blog

HistBEKE aims to provide a framework for knowledge exchange for the historic built environment.

The University of Liverpool’s HistBEKE project is funded by Historic England, and has been set up to try and help everyone who works with the historic built environment to increase their knowledge and understanding of the assets  they work with. By creating a knowledge exchange framework, we aim to:

  • Enhance decision-making processes through wider access to current knowledge
  • Set an agenda for knowledge enhancement through targeted projects and research
  • Enable more effective management and protection of the built historic environment
  • Establish a sustainable and collaborative network to maintain the framework into the future

This is a collaborative , multidisciplinary project, so we are keen to work with as many people and organisations as we can across the sector. Our first task, however, is to find out what you already know, the kind of things you’re already working on, and your ideas and suggestions for what the framework and agenda might include.  To enable us to do this, we will be running a short survey which will take just 5-10 minutes to complete, and is all multiple choice answers. More details to follow shortly.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions about the project, and there isn’t the opportunity to tell us about these via any of the survey questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Stella Jackson (stella.jackson@liverpool.ac.uk) to let us know. In particular, we’d like to hear from you about:

  • Gaps in your existing knowledge that the project might be able to fill
  • Themes and topics that you would like the framework to cover
  • Particular building types/designs, architects, conservation methods etc that you’re currently working on but which don’t yet have any published outputs
  • People, groups and organisations that are working on built environment research projects
  • How we might exchange this knowledge so that everyone can access it

The results of the survey, along with any thoughts and suggestions sent in to us, will help us to define the themes and topics for discussion at regional workshops that we’ll be running in the Autumn. These workshops will allow us to discuss in more detail what the framework might include and how it could work. Further details will be posted here once they have been arranged, but in the meantime, please contact Stella Jackson (Stella.jackson@liverpool.ac.uk) if you would like to attend one of them, or click here to sign up to our mailing list.

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