Summer 2017 Survey: What happens next?

Thank you to everyone who has completed our summer 2017 survey. If you haven’t had chance to do so yet, the survey is open until the 25th of August and can be found here: If you would like to have a look at the questions beforehand, especially if you are responding on behalf of a group or organisation, they can be found within the Projects Document section of our website along with the methodology used to design and deliver the survey.


If you are wondering why we’re running this survey, or concerned that this is the only piece of research that we’re undertaking for the project, then please read on. As outlined in the methodology, the summer 2017 survey has been prepared to try and gauge levels of awareness of research frameworks, and to get a baseline understanding of the kinds of things that those in the sector are either currently working on or feel they would like to know more about. As well as giving us a much clearer understanding of built heritage work currently being undertaken in the sector, this will also help to inform topics for discussion at a series of regional focus groups workshops to be held in the Autumn (see below).


In addition, the survey results will be combined with a review of recent historic buildings research, including development-led ‘grey literature’ reports. This will allow us to discover whether there are particular building types or areas of work that many in the sector are focused on, but for which there has been little recent research. This will translate into research agenda items, with the resultant knowledge exchange framework that we’re developing within this project facilitating both new research on these key topics, and efficient dissemination of new knowledge to those who need it.


The way in which the research agenda and exchange of knowledge could work, and suggestions for the most user-friendly way of developing it, will be discussion at our autumn focus group workshops. We want to make sure that the framework will be of benefit everyone to in the sector, so the workshops will help us to really focus in on what you need and what matters to you. They are your chance to make sure that we’re developing something you can actually use. They also begin the knowledge exchange process, with plenty of discussion and sharing of ideas (and plenty of cake too!).


The first focus group will be help in York on the 15th of September from 1pm until 5pm, and the second will be in London on the 29th of September, again 1pm to 5pm. Other workshops are yet to be confirmed, but we are currently looking at venues in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and an Eastern location, possibly Cambridge. Full details will be posted on the ‘Get Involved!’ page once they are agreed. Places at the York workshop, however, can now be booked online here:

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